Advice with Brice

Valentine’s Day Edition


*DISCLAIMER: The advice from Hardt does not reflect the view or opinions of the Crossed Sabres staff. Brice is not a licensed relationship/dating coach. Take everything with a grain of salt.

High school is hard.  Sometimes we all need advice for our teenage struggles. Freshman Brice Hardt has some advice for the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday. Valentine’s Day is February 14th. Are you planning on asking someone out? 

Q: How do you get a valentine?

A: “People will like to get a valentine, and it’s not that difficult. Consistency is key. You need to be consistent with talking, [even] before the day arrives. You need to plant the roots of your relationship. You need to be kind and caring, you gotta be there for that person. Be bold! You can do this if you plan it out. Honestly, [just] have confidence and be courageous. Don’t settle, and if you get rejected, life goes on and you’ll eventually forget about it. Ask, [because] when you don’t ask because you’re scared, then you’re going through another Valentine’s Day by yourself.”


Q: What does a typical Valentine’s Day look like for you?

A: “Obviously, you need that special someone. It may start with some exchanged presents, and you can hang out for a while [and] then you cook up a really nice meal. You gotta get chicken fries, steak, prime ribs, potatoes, maybe some soda, ham! Ham is very romantic. Oh, roses. You need a load of roses. You can put a path of roses from your door to your kitchen table. She can sit in a little rose chair. Then we would watch a movie, [something like] Beauty and the Beast.”


Q: What is your ideal Valentine’s Day date?

A: “Okay, you could [either] cook for her, or you can take her out. [If you decide to take her out] you got to take her to a really nice restaurant, [and] pay for her food. You gotta go get her some nice flowers, maybe take her on a walk over a beach or a bridge over the water [and] you guys [can] just kind of stare at each other through the water reflection. It would be very nice. You guys go out for dessert. [You could] get some peppermint or candy ice cream. Some romantic ice cream is strawberry ice cream.”


Q: So what is the soundtrack to your Valentine’s Day?

A: “It’s got to be love, it’s got to be some good love songs. There’s some jazz, some good jazz [like] trumpet, trombone. You gotta have that in there for sure. You [must] have the right mix.”


Q: What is your outfit for Valentine’s Day?

A: “A colored tux, not red, definitely not the color to go for. I’m telling you right now, no red. Maybe like a gold suit? Maybe a nice white suit, or a white shirt and a black tie affair? A rose [boutonnière] would look nice, going with the theme [of roses].”


Q: What is a valentine?

A: “A valentine is someone that you date or a secret admirer from a crush almost. You may start dating, but mainly you get/give notes or candy from them. A valentine [is also something you can give, it] can be something chill to show your appreciation towards [one] another, or it can be something to initiate a relationship.”


Q: How do we ask someone to be your valentine?

A: “Candy is a good thing to give someone as a casual thing, you can also give candy to your friends or teachers to show you appreciate them. Another good gift that is a little more formal would be a gift card to one of their favorite places. It would depend on the person and what they like.”


Q: What are some gift ideas specifically for guys?

A: “Guys will like candy, but I think a nice thoughtful hug or a sweet note would mean a lot to them. A lot of guys don’t normally get attention like that, and they would appreciate it.”


Q: Do you think that it is cool when the girl asks the guy or do you think that the guy should ask the girl?

A: “I think either would be good. Honestly it doesn’t matter, whoever perks up the confidence first.”


Q: Who pays when you go out?

A: “The person that pays is who wanted to go on the date in the first place. The person who invites the other to go on a date pays. It’s all about equality. Freedom, fairness for all. Shared love! [and] shared money!”


Q: If the date goes really well, what should you do?
A: “Well [I’d] then be, “You want to do this again? Sometime? Let’s go get some coffee or something!’”


Q: What should you do if Valentine’s Day is bringing you stress? What if you are in a relationship coming up on the holiday, but you do not want to be?

A: “Life’s too short to do things you don’t want to do. Do not settle, because I mean let’s say you get one girl. Next thing you know it’s been 20 years, you’re married and you have four kids. Then you’re getting divorced, remarried and having more kids. So I mean, the moral of the story is you shouldn’t settle for who you have if they don’t make you happy.”


Q: What if you do not want to ask someone? Do you have to?

A: “If you do not have someone in mind to ask out for Valentine’s Day, then you don’t have to! Self love all the way! I once saw a TV show where the woman married herself because she just loved herself that much. So I mean, if you love yourself, you might as well go all the way with it.”


Q: If you’re having trouble choosing your valentine, what are some tips?

A: “You only have one life. Wait for the perfect girl/guy because if you don’t then you’re just wasting your own time. If you keep dating other people, you’re missing the one person that you could actually be with for the rest of your life and find your happiness with. Another thing is if it isn’t working out now, then it’s probably not going to work at all. So you should probably end it sooner than later. You don’t want to waste your own time and energy.”