The marching band 2016 season


This Saturday, the marching band had their assessment for VBODA. They earned superiors from all judges except one. Superior is the highest possible rating. The marching band, under the instruction of Mr. Alex Robinson and his drum majors, Isabel Spitalney, is in fact very skilled, even taking on the shape of a Martini as they played through their intro, which was the James Bond theme. They played through many songs, including Boogie Down.

When asked about the assessment, a student who wished to be kept anonymous said this.

“How did you think you did in the assessment?”

“It’s sometimes hard to know, because you’re not always aware of what the other people are doing, so there’s always that stressful moment when you’re waiting to receive your scores.

To add on to that, Tenor Saxophone, Adam Ruff said this-

“How did you think you did?”

“I know we did well, because we got a superior, which is 85 or above out of 100”

Here’s the thing. Right after your performance, you have no idea if you did amazing, or you totally bombed it. However, all of that stress is relieved when you find out your score. If you did well that is.

Now, marching band isn’t just something you mosey on into and get a superior. It requires a lot of work, and the same anonymous student, and Adam had this to say.

“What did you think about marching band?”

“I thought it was really stressful, because you don’t just have to do your best for yourself, you have to do it for the rest of the band.”

“What did you think about marching band?”

“I think it can be a lot of work, but rewarding in the end.”

Marching band is a lot of work. You have to meet most of the days of the week and work hard until it’s over. However, putting that trophy in the trophy case makes it all worth it.

So as you can see, the marching band did well this year, and they round it out with one more game Friday night, against Yorktown. Now, if you play an instrument, marching band might be the thing to try.

“Are you going to be doing marching band next year?”

“Yes, I’m looking forward to it next year.”

So as you can see, marching band is a lot of work. However, when it’s all over and you see how well you did, it’s all worth it. If you play a musical instrument, maybe marching band is the one for you to try.