Chalking up the election


On the morning of November 10, students arrived to a chalk decorated school. Messages about uniting and feeling better after a tumultuous election season were written around the school in order to give students a “pick me up.”

On the night of November 9, a group of students from the senior class met in the parking lot to decorate the school with happy messages in chalk. The meet-up was organized by senior Emma Vogel after the election results were released. Many students who supported Hillary Clinton felt disappointed with the results, and Vogel felt like the school needed to be filled with positive messages. “The chalk drawing was pretty informal,” Vogel said. “After a rough night, I came to school in hopes of finding some hope and happiness but everyone was devastated. Students were crying in classes, attendance was low and the overall spirit of W-L was shattered. I just wanted to do something that would bring a smile to people’s faces and remind them that the sun will rise again tomorrow, and that’s what we did.”

Even with the disappointment, many students came to spread messages about unity as a nation. As a country divided by strong differing ideology, students believed that the best way to move forward was to work for harmony and cooperation between both extremes. The seniors wanted to remind the diverse student body that they are completely welcome and loved by the school community.

Students who arrived to school the next morning felt inspired by the messages written around the school in chalk. “I think the chalk drawing around the school is inspirational and goes to show how loving and caring all the students here are,” junior Sam Yarnell said. “It definitely put me in a better mood than I was before, and I think it’s what a lot of students needed.”

Overall, the seniors who decorated the school wanted to spread a message of positivity and hopefulness for the future. “We just drew out how we felt,” Vogel said. “I could not be prouder of our student body.”