Not your ordinary crew


The 2017 girl’s crew team poses for a picture at the team docks in Georgetown.

Many students continue to join one of the most well known and oldest sports at the school. The crew team, which rows out of Potomac Boat Club in Georgetown every day, is looking forward to the new season and members are ready to get back in the water. 

For the past few months, crew members have been preparing for their season with winter conditioning taking place in the cafeteria each week. This extensive preparation with the ergometers (ergs), team members claim, is worth their time.

“One thing that I love about crew is that it is a team sport,” freshman Regan Christensen said. “It isn’t about you as an individual, it is about the whole team, and you have to all push each other to be better.”

With approximately 75 athletes, crew is one of the biggest teams at the school, and the program is still seeing steady growth. In addition to new members, the girls’ team also welcomed new coaches to the program. “Since we have new coaches, we’re all curious about what’s to come,” team captain Annabelle Bailey said. “Expect big things for the new season!”  

Returning members of the team have high hopes for the season, especially considering their successes in past years. Last year, the girls’ freshmen boat and their third varsity boat medaled at States, and their varsity boat medaled at Stotesbury (one of the largest high school regattas).  

“I missed medalling at States last year by 2 inches, so I’m excited to get back on to the water and see if we can medal this year,” Bailey said. “This will happen through our hard work and dedication.”