Behind the scenes of sport teams

Women all around the world are changing the status quo, by being a female on an all male team. For example, Sarah Thomas, is the first female and only female referee, in the NFL. At our school there are female team managers on a hockey team, which is mostly male dominated. But are these women given enough recognition?

On the hockey team, sophomores, Ellie Hall and Anujin Biziya are team managers. Being team managers they help with running the scoreboards, count shots and write shot sheets, which are shots, goals and penalties. They also treat the players by cooking them food. Another way they help is by publicizing their games on social media getting students to attend the game.

“I like to think I’m [their] the biggest fan, but someone explained it to me as the coaches right hand,” sophomore Biziya said.

Ellie got interested in becoming a manager by going to a lot of hockey games, her freshman year. However, she wanted to have more involvement in school activities. Biziya wanted to become a manager due to her having an interest in the sport itself. As managers they needed to develop time management to be able to keep on top of their studies, because in being a manager they have to show commitment to the team, and sometimes the games are far away.

“It’s a lot of time management and working around their game schedule,” Anjuin said.

Being a manager on the hockey team is the same as being a manager for any other team, beside the comment made towards them. People say that they are only doing this to get boys or trying to get with people on the team. But not all are like that, for example the team and coaches are all respectful towards them.

“W-L is such an open and welcoming environment and I believe that the hockey team is evidence of that because of their respect of the sport and every [person] involved in making [the team] happen,” Ellie Hall said.

Despite any snarky comments, they still encourage people to try being a team manager, no matter what their gender. They say it’s a way to meet new people, learn more about a sport, and if you sign up for your team, you can watch your favorite sport. With them not getting enough recognition from the outside world, the team still appreciates all they do.

“It’s a great way to get involved with the school and get more involved with athletics,” Hall said.