Track and tennis team recap

Summary of how the outdoor track and tennis team did this season

Boys Varsity Tennis Team 


This season, the boys varsity tennis team has been doing well. Since the pandemic, there has been no JV team. Regardless, the tennis team is on track to win more matches than previous seasons. 

“We’re having our best season yet, since I’ve been here at least,” senior and four year varsity tennis player Andrew Spitzer said. 

Out of the 15 matches for the tennis team, at least nine have been played and out of those at least four of them were won. 

“I remember winning one match [my] freshman year,” Spitzer said. “Sophomore year we didn’t have a season, junior year we won one, maybe two [matches], and now we are expected to win five or six [matches].”

Tennis matches are a mix of playing doubles and single games, with some of the strongest doubles players being senior Jacob Wooldrige and sophomore Nathanael Scheer.

“Well I never want to play [Jacob Woolrige], he’s a senior,” Spitzer said. “He’s miles ahead of everybody else…Him and another sophomore, Nathanael Scheer, are the number one doubles team.”


Girls Varsity Tennis Team 


The girls varsity tennis team has not had the win record they hoped, but have been improving with each match. Similar to the boys tennis team, there is only a girls varsity team this year.

“Our win record was not as good as we would have liked,” junior and varsity tennis team member Alice Turner said. “[However], we were able to beat Wakefield, which is good because [we are] rivals.”

Out of the minimum 16 matches to be played this season, the team has won at least four. 

“We’ve definitely gotten better as the season progressed, a lot of the matches have gotten closer [in score],” Turner said. “I definitely noticed that when we played Herndon a second time, we definitely improved a lot more. The matches were much closer, and even though the weather was awful, it was definitely a lot better.”

Along with the team getting continuously better as the season has progressed, the captains have been a large part of that. The team really appreciates them.

“Just a shout out to the captains, they’ve been really good,” Turner said. “[Senior Morgann Noble] and [senior Sonia Friemel], they’re really good captains, and we’ll definitely miss them.”


Outdoor Track Team


This year’s outdoor track team had a great season. The team has some members getting varsity invites to play in other meets. The varsity members from our school won the county meet.

“We beat Yorktown in the county meet,” senior and co-captain of the track team Rachel Mulvaney said. “There was a really fun McLean meet a few weeks ago where we did really well.”

Along with winning the county meet, the boys won the team trophy at Cassell’s Invitational at Chantilly High School and ran against 37 other schools. Junior Jonah Friedman won discus and shotput and junior Elijah Hughes got second in discus. 

“We also have a lot of good underclassmen,” Mulvaney said. “So they’ve been helping our team win a lot of things.”

There have been some injuries this season, but some strongest female runners this season have been senior Rachel Mulvaney, junior Annabel Friedman, sophomore Amela Male, sophomore Alena Topchy and freshman Ella Kaplan. 

“I would say we just want to send the most amount of athletes possible to states including our 4×800 racers,” Mulvaney said. 


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