Words of wisdom


Hannah Rosman is the Editor-in-Chief of the Crossed Sabres Newspaper. This is her fourth year at the school and her fourth year on the newspaper.

Go For It

Dear Freshmen,

Welcome and congratulations on getting through middle school! Regardless of your experiences during the past three years, things only get better from here. During high school, you will not only make new friends and grow as a student, but you’ll develop skills that will help you for the rest of your life. Granted, the transition may be difficult. Some days you’re going to have a wicked hard test or hours of homework, but the freedom you gain will be worth the trade. My advice is just to enjoy it and make the most of it. Start that club you always wanted to form, try out for that sport you love, or get involved in that group or activity you think could be cool. This year you have the opportunity to try new things.


Learn to Love

Dear Sophomores,

Now that you’ve officially transitioned, take a breath. I’m not saying you should slack off, but this is the year to find what you’re passionate about. Don’t let all the stress get to you just yet. If you find a class that interests you, spend extra time with it. If you find a teacher you have fun learning from, don’t be afraid to ask them for advice or help. I bonded with my English teacher from my sophomore year over deep discussions about what counts as media, and after getting to be his student again last year, we still email to share recommendations. That being said, you all have lives outside of school too, so hang out with friends, spend time with your family, and do what you love. Also remember, this is your last year taking gym!

Breathe Deeply

Dear Juniors,

I know that everyone is telling you that this will be the hardest year of high school, but consider this: You are over the halfway hump. I’m going to be brutally honest — this year is hard, especially if you are doing full IB or even just taking mostly IB and AP classes. They are as hard as people say (specifically APUSH). You have to get that high score on an ACT or SAT too, which I highly recommend that you start studying for sooner rather than later. Taking standardized tests as a senior will be frustrating. Of course, you also will start visiting colleges this year, and just that idea was terrifying enough for me. Luckily, you don’t have to start applying to them yet! Don’t get absorbed in the little things and be the best you can be.

Time to Rule

Dear Seniors,

I could give so much advice to you guys: Don’t get senioritis too early, don’t procrastinate on your college essays, don’t stress out, have fun, but not too much fun. I know I can’t follow these rules myself though, so I won’t even try to set such lofty goals. Here’s what I can say: We have an amazing year ahead of us. We will have our senior pictures taken, attend our last Homecoming, see our last school play, sit through our last class assembly, and experience our last moments of high school. Then we will move on to whatever comes next: College, jobs, internships, travels, and more. So now is not the time to fret — now is the time to rule this school!