“Among Us” to add new map


On December 10th, internet sensation “Among Us” won the Game Awards for best mobile app game of the year. Following the award, the developers of Innersloth released a trailer depicting a brand new map, titled “The Airship.” Set to be released in early 2021, the fourth map of the game includes fresh tasks, obstacles and customizations for the players to enjoy. 

Standing out from the original maps, which all had one continuous level of complex passages, “The Airship” contains multiple floors, full of ladders, elevators and moving platforms to navigate between them. Each elaborate floor has new rooms, like a cockpit, kitchen, records room, gap rooms and several short cuts. This is to make it harder to be cornered by an Imposter and the commute across the map quicker for the players. 

Several problems with the original structure of the game were addressed as well. Previously all players started in one location and moved about the cabins on their own, or occasionally groups. To make it harder for the Imposters to choose favorites and kill particular crewmates off one by one, The Air Ship includes multiple spawn points that the player can pick from. 

Despite new challenges for the imposters, new kill animations have been added, giving the imposters new powers that haven’t been seen before, including laser eyes that disintegrate the upper body of a targeted Crewmate, teased in the newest trailer for the map. 

On top of the latest updates, the map is much more colorful and detailed, with small design elements that help build the story of the Airship and the crewmates inside. The Innersloth team is working hard to make the game as enjoyable for the players as possible, and with this new update its popularity is sure to sky rocket. Fans all over the world are eager to see just how the story and world develops.