Looking for lunch? Here are the best takeout spots in Arlington

This is a cheese-less pepperoni pizza from Deli Italiano. Deli Italiano is a great pizza place to go to for pizza and their accommodations for those with food allergies.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people have been at home now more than ever. Although the pandemic was a great way for people to start eating home cooked meals, after a while, the same recipes can get rather boring. Luckily, Arlington has a variety of takeout options that can spice things up once in a while…


Panera Bread

Panera Bread is a great healthy option for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Panera is affordable with the most expensive item on their menu being a whole salad sold at $11.49. Plus, their baked goods are sold for as little as $1.49. Panera also has a large variety of food to choose from; they have seasonal salads, salad wraps, flatbread pizzas, soup, bakery items and a selection of beverages including smoothies. Panera Bread has their own delivery service, but you can also get delivery through UberEats, GrubHub and DoorDash. When I go to Panera, I typically order a half caesar salad with extra chicken and extra dressing, along with tea or a smoothie. Panera even has a tea and coffee subscription service which they are currently offering for three months free. You can also pick up and order your food in-store, or order food through the Panera Bread app. Panera Bread has locations all across Virginia. Even though the prices are low, the food is of great quality and has fresh ingredients. 

Arlington Locations: 

1100 S. Hayes Street Metro Level-Space VC03

1700 N. Moore Street Suite 110. 


Deli Italiano

Deli Italiano is an amazing pizza place with a menu offering a wide range of items. Though the best option is their pizza, they also have exceptional appetizers, including garlic cheesy bread and buffalo wings. Besides appetizers, Deli Italiano serves burgers, gyros and wraps, calzoni and stromboli, salads and pastas. Not to mention, Deli Italiano sources its desserts locally in Fredericksburg, Va.. Some of the desserts sold include carrot cake, chocolate cake and cheesecake. All of their items are reasonably priced with the highest priced items being the 20 count wings ($19.99) and the large pizza ($15.99 plus $2.49 for each added topping). Deli Italiano is also allergy friendly as myself who is allergic to numerous things and my brother who is lactose intolerant can safely eat there, but I would keep in mind that they can get backed up quickly on busy nights. Deli Italiano has its own delivery service, and you can pick up your order in store. 

Arlington Location: 

6505 29th St N.


Badd Pizza

Badd Pizza is a newly-founded pizza place famous for its Buffalo style pizza and wings. Buffalo Style pizza has a thick base, thin, sometimes nonexistent, crust, and crisp pepperonis. Buffalo wings are deep fried, but not breaded, and are served covered in sauce. My family and I especially appreciate the Buffalo authenticity since my dad is from Buffalo. Having food at Badd Pizza reminds us of the area and because of the COVID-19 pandemic we haven’t been able to go to Buffalo to visit family. Even though the pizza is fantastic with spicy pepperonis and a doughy crust, the wings are the best item on the menu. Along with pizza and wings, Badd Pizza has chicken tenders, salads, hot and cold subs and multiple side options. Badd Pizza also has every day combos and lunch specials, making ordering more than one item more affordable than it already is. You can pick up Badd Pizza or have it delivered through Toasttab and DoorDash. 

Arlington Locations:

6263 Old Dominion Drive and the Falls Church

346 W Broad Street (Broaddale Village Shopping Center).



Rocklands is an amazing barbeque place because of their wide variety of delicious items, including barbecued ribs, brisket, barbecued pork chopped or sliced, barbecue pulled chicken, barbecue brisket, specialty sandwiches, many sides and multiple salads. While Rocklands is great, keep in mind that barbecue is usually on the more expensive side. Although Rocklands’ prices are higher than the other takeout options listed, it is easy to reheat and makes great leftovers. My family personally orders the barbequed ribs, brisket, barbequed pork and an assortment of sides that makes for great leftovers later in the week. At Rocklands, you can pick up in store or get delivery through GrubHub. 

Arlington Location:

3471 Washington Blvd.


Shake Shack

Shake Shack is a fantastic burger and shake place and my personal favorite to get fast food burgers from. Some of their food items include their “Shack Burger”, a regular hamburger with whatever you want on it, a “Shack Stack”, “Smoke Shack”, and they even have a “‘Shroom Burger” which is their veggie burger option. Besides burgers there are hot dogs and two chicken options. Their chicken options are their “Chick’n Shack” which is a crispy chicken substitute for burger meat and “Chick’n Bites”.  There are multiple fries to choose from like my personal favorite, the regular fries, cheese fries, and bacon cheese fries. Shake Shack is not only known for their food but also their shakes. Shakes come in vanilla, chocolate, black and white, strawberry or cookies and cream. I love the cookies and cream shake and it goes well with the fries and a cheeseburger. The prices are reasonable with nothing over $10, excluding alcoholic beverages, and a regular single hamburger is $4.19. Shake Shack can be picked up in store or can be delivered to you by food delivery apps like Postmates. 

Arlington Locations:

4201 Wilson Blvd, suite 0180.

1100 South Hayes Street, Space H25.


Uncle Julio’s

Uncle Julio’s is an outstanding Mexican restaurant well known for its famous fajitas and its food created “from scratch.” They have classic Mexican appetizers, enchiladas mesquite grilled specials and authentic Mexican dessert options like sopapillas and churros. Uncle Julio’s has a wide range of fajitas including chicken, chicken and steak, skirt steak, grilled vegetable, fillet mignon, jalisco and guadalajara. Uncle Julio’s is very generous with its portions for fajitas so my family orders a fajita meal for two since it easily satisfies three and sometimes four people. You can either pick up Uncle Julio’s in store or get it delivered through GrubHub. 

Arlington Location:

4301 North Fairfax.


District Taco

District Taco is the most affordable and arguably the best out of all the options. They have tacos, bowls, burritos, burrito majada, ensalada and quesadillas that you can match with a protein of your choice. At District Taco you can pick from three topping options: the American Way, Mexican Way and Jefe Way. They have breakfast options, a kids menu, salsas and sides. Some of District Taco’s house favorites include the nachos borrachos, California burrito, steak tacos and papas gordas. My favorite thing to order is the steak tacos done the American Way with a side of their chips. You can do curbside pickup or get delivery through District Taco’s own delivery service, in my experience both options are quick and get you your food hot. 

Arlington Location:

5723 Lee Highway.

1500 Wilson Blvd Suite 102.