On the sidelines with Hoops For Cancer


Hoops For Cancer is a basketball club which raises money to donate to cancer research. The club meets every two weeks in OC-1. Club sponsor, Ms. Katrina Reed, is the head varsity basketball coach for Episcopal High School.

Q: Are there any requirements to join the club / Can someone join even if they are not good at basketball?
A: Anyone can join! I have many non-basketball players in the group.

Q: How does the club exactly earn the money?
A: By holding events like the 3v3 Tournament (that just happened this weekend).

Q: How does the money go to cancer research?
A: We donate all our proceeds to the Jimmy V Foundation.

Q: What is the club’s greatest achievement?
A: This year’s 3v3 Tournament was an incredible success! Many local businesses (Casual Adventure, Goody’s Pizza, Edible Arrangements, All About Burger, Lost Dog Cafe) donated to our cause, and we were able to provide t-shirts for all participants. Additionally, we raised almost $1,000 for the Jimmy V Foundation!

Q: The club’s main goal is?
A: To raise funds and awareness for cancer research.

Q: What activities does the club participate in?
A: Mostly just the 3v3 Tournament, but we hope to do other events in the future.