Yes to Chess!


Senior Justin Szczerbinski, Chess Club President.

Senior Justin Szcezerbinski is the president of the Chess Club.

Q: What does Chess Club do and what do you learn?

A: “We meet every week to play chess, we learn tactics and how your decisions are gonna affect you later.”

Q: What are your goals as a club?

“To get as many members as possible, to have as much fun as possible and to beat York Town at chess.”

Q: Was there a specific reason that drew you to Chess Club?

“I like to play chess and I was looking to play with other people who also like to play chess.”

Q: What’s special about Chess Club?

“We are all very passionate in chess and that makes a good club rivalry.”


Chess Club meets every Tuesday in room 2213 from 3:10 – 4:00 to play chess with other members of the club.