Friday at Flag


Connor Quinn '19

Seniors and club members (Left to right) Liam O’casey, Wyatt Biddle, Colin Harrison, Peter Jude Bardo, Joe Main, Roman Dangel, and Zach Meiners prepare for a friday afternoon of flag football, sporting their new club shirts.

When class of 2017 alumni James Bardo was a freshman in 2013 he had an idea to start a club. This club would be an alternative to traditional tackle football, hoping to attract a wider audience of students who could play a safer version of football. The club consists of a diverse group of members who are extremely dedicated to the club, and love to play the sport.


“It’s the best club in the world with the best people in the world,” senior and regular at flag football club meetings Roman Dangel said. “It’s better than when I played as a kid because there aren’t as many rules and everyone is having fun.”


Although Bardo only had one meeting in 2013, he decided to stick with his idea his sophomore year, and was able to consistently draw enough players to keep the club going through the rest of his years at the school. When the time came to pass the torch, Bardo’s brother and current senior, Peter Jude Bardo, embraced the leadership role of the club.


“I felt extremely blessed to be given such an honor,” Peter Jude Bardo said. “I decided on that day to do everything I could to make flag football club Washington-Lee’s greatest club.”


Despite  change in leadership roles, the club has stayed consistently active through the 2017-18 season. Meetings are held every Friday at 3:15 p.m. at Oak Grove Park. The Park is located behind the school parking lot and across 15th St. N.


“Flag is great because it gives a new competition every week,” Co-leader and senior Colin Harrison said. “It’s always nice to earn bragging rights over your friends.”


Flag football club is known throughout the school community for working hard to be a positive and inclusive community. Students of all ages and skill levels are always welcome to join and participate in games and practices.


“I feel welcome because the people there are nice and everyone is happy on friday afternoons,” junior Edie LaMantia said. “I used to play flag growing up and loved it so the club is a great opportunity”


The club offers students a way to get a workout in playing the sport of flag football week and gives students a chance to meet and compete with their fellow classmates. The club anticipates this school year to be an eventful one, as they have continued to do their best to make it as enjoyable as possible.


“This year we want to expand a bit more,” Harrison said. “We plan to travel to Maryland for a tournament later this year.”


Students can get the latest information on meeting times and more by following @wlflag on instagram.