Wiffle Ball Club


Since the baseball-like sport originated in Connecticut in 1953, wiffle ball has been played in backyards across the United States. In 2014, the activity was brought to the school as a club by senior Henry Bendon, with the help of sponsor, Ms. Katrina Reed.

Starting as a cafeteria lunch idea Bendon’s sophomore year, the club became official with its first meeting in October of 2014. The first game took place in left field of Quincy Park across the street from the school. “I wanted to combine wiffle ball and telling people what to do, and what we came up with was a Wiffle Ball Club – an organization with actual rules and positions designed around a game we like,” Bendon said.

At that time, there were around six members who participated in the inaugural game, consisting of then juniors and sophomores. The club has increased to 32 members, ranging throughout all the grades.

Meetings occur at random and are announced on the Wiffle Ball Club website or through members of the club. They mainly happen on half days or Fridays when the weather is appropriate for wiffle ball and when Bendon can anticipate a good turnout. On half days, a group of Wiffle Ball Club members gets food, usually at Rocklands, before playing.

Around 1:30 p.m., the members will start showing up at the playing field, which is either Quincy Park, the school’s softball field, or the football field. The teams will be made for the game, evenly splitting up the baseball and non-baseball players so the teams are fair. The games are between four to six innings long with general baseball rules, including a snake lineup where everyone bats in the same order.

While the club has grown a lot since the beginning, the goal is to keep the club going after this school year, as many of the founding members will be graduating.  Bendon said, “We have several juniors that have been with us from the beginning and younger siblings who look forwards to continuing our tradition, and we think the club will last for awhile”