Ukulele Club


Sophomore Cate Hogan is the president of the Ukulele Club.

Q: What is Ukulele club about?

“It’s about learning about Ukulele, teaching about it, learning new songs that people like, and generally having fun together.”


Q: What do you do in the club?

“Introduce people to the instrument and different cords as well as strumming patterns and popular songs.”


Q: Is it hard to learn Ukulele for someone who has never played an instrument?

“It’s pretty easy, I started playing last year in September, it’s an easy instrument to pick up, after awhile it gets pretty easy.”


Q: What is the goal of the club?

“To see if everyone has fun with Ukulele and playing together and have an outlet by playing music.”


Ukulele Club meets every Thursday in room 1404 from 3:30-4:30.