Investment Club


Hannah Rosman

Ricardo Mestre gives a presentation on how the presidential election affected the stock market.

This club was started eight years ago by Charlie Argon, who was freshman at the time, and has been completely student run since then. Their number of members is constantly in flux, as members get busy with sports and other activities and then come back to the club. They have meetings roughly once or twice a month that are attended by an average of ten students. They meet in Ms. Leah Young’s, their sponsor, room. “I love this club because I get to meet new students and also see students that I’ve had in the past mature. I like getting to talk to these kids and see them talk about something with passion that wouldn’t necessarily come up in a typical history class.

At each meeting they begin with a presentation. About 50% of the presentations are given by the president, senior Ricardo Mestre. The presentations are given on topics ranging from current events, to bitcoin, to  specific corporations’ stock performance. Afterwards and in between meetings they play the stock market game to practice for eventually playing the real stock market. “I joined this club as a freshman and I think I really enjoyed it because it provides an environment where you can just talk about investing with a lot of other like minded people,” Mestre said. “As I’ve gotten older and taken more of a leadership role I’ve really enjoyed that I’ve gotten to take everything I know and give it to other people. I think that investing is a very important skill.”

As a relatively small club, it is always looking for more members. They consider themselves to be a welcoming environment and have food at every meeting. Those who are interested in learning about how to make money off the stock market and become more financially knowledgeable should check out this club. “I joined this club because I wanted to make money. I haven’t invested in anything, but now I know how,” junior Geneva McRea said. “Also, we have awesome food.”