Crossed Sabres

Alice Bell
Alice is currently a senior who just wants ten hours of sleep a night. She is in her fourth year on the paper, and acts as the co-editor-in-chief alongside Carolyn and Alice, and as layout editor. After graduation (that’s a thing, whoa), she hopes to major in environmental studies and earn a graduate degree in architecture. In the rare moments of free time she has, Alice enjoys reading and writing, and is constantly listening to music; a few of her favorite books are The Martian by Andy Weir, Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell, and The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Záfon. There's really no way to pick out a favorite musician, but Neil Young, Federico Albanese and the White Stripes top the list. In the event of a school holiday (or a snow day), she can likely be found watching The X-Files, haunting museums, or baking. Alice hopes you have a swell rest of your day and school year, and may you never have to pull all-nighters.

Alice Bell, Co-Editor-in-Chief, Layout Editor

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Alice Bell